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Welcome to the Paint Bull Car Care Club-Where Vehicles always look their Best!


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Club Membership is limited to vehicles whose owners care about their appearance.

Joining the Paint Bull Car Care Club is an affordable long term solution for keeping your vehicle looking new.  Administered by Paint Bull-experts in vehicle restoration and minor damage repair, you’ll have the piece of mind in knowing that it won’t cost an arm and a leg when minor damage happens.


Membership Includes:

*Exterior Paint Sealant Application

*Interior Fabric Protectant Application

*Stone Chips, Scratches,  Door Dings, Rips, Stains, Faded Headlights, Chipped Windshields-Repaired No Charge for as long as you own your vehicle.

*Larger Repairs such as Scuffed or Cracked Bumpers, Side Scrapes, Large Dents and Similar Damage-Repaired at 50% off regular prices.

*FREE CAR CARE KIT-Packed with the items you need to keep you car looking its best! 

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