How can I get an estimate?

The simplest way to obtain an estimate is to take a couple of photos of the damage and send them along with the request for estimate form on our home page.

Can you really perform these repairs in my driveway?

Yes-our mobile technicians are equipped with everything they need to fix your damaged vehicle in your driveway, at your place of work, or practically any convenient location.

Will you work with my insurance company?

We work with most major insurance carriers, but quite often our prices are less than your deductible so you never have to make a claim. Even if our charges are slightly more than your deductable, many people still do not turn in a claim to avoid having their premiums increase.

Is your work guaranteed?

Yes-by all means, if you’re not satisfied with our service than you don’t pay.

Why is your quote so much less than the quote I got from a body shop?

Our business is built around repairing only minor damage. This allows us to avoid the huge overhead most body shops have. By focusing on minor damage, we have developed techniques and processes to perform repairs very efficiently. The combination of low overhead and being extremely efficient results in lower estimates and savings for our customers.

Are your products safe for the environment?

Yes, we use the latest in water based paints and equipment to comply with EPA requirements.

How large of a dent can you remove with PDR?

There are a lot of variables which determine the size of dent we can remove using Paintless Dent Repair. By sending us a photo we’ll be able to give you an accurate quote.

How do you paint outside when it’s cold?

We deal with weather issues in a variety of ways. From setting up a temporary shelter, to using infrared heaters to warm the damaged areas on cold days to cooling them off on hot days, we understand that nature doesn’t always provide beautiful 70 degree days. We work year round regardless of temperature.

How do you match my vehicles color?

Every vehicle has a paint code on it, we start by entering that code into our computer which will provide us with the formula to mix your color. This is the same process a body shop would use, only we typically mix up less than an ounce of paint as compared to a pint or quart like a body shop would.