Paint Repair Services


Paint Bull is equipped with a state of the art paint mixing system to provide a perfect color match-right according to factory specifications.  Our concept is to keep the repair confined to a very small area, keeping as much of the original factory finish intact as possible.  By keeping the repair areas small-it allows us to use minimal amounts of paint and pass the savings on to you.


We specialize in:
Scuffed, Cracked and Torn Bumpers:

Most bumpers today are made of plastic which if you’ve ever parked a little too close a light pole or another vehicle-you know they are easily damaged.  Unlike a traditional Body Shop which will replace a damaged bumper with a new one, we repair this damage without even removing it from the vehicle.  Why replace when you can repair at half the cost?

Key Scratches, Stone Chips and other light damage:

We offer our customers the option of touching up this damage to hide it and make it look better, or we can perform a body shop quality repair to make the damage disappear.  It all comes down to what type of results you need and what your budget will allow.

Clear Coat Scratches, Bug Splatter and Swirl Marks:

If you’ve ever taken your vehicle through a car wash, chances are its finish is a long way from its original ShowRoom Shine.  Take a deep look into your hood and your likely to find hundreds or “Micro-Scratches” which all combine to dull your finish.  We are buffing and polishing experts and can remove this damage and even apply a protective coating to bring back that like new shine.

Curb Scuffed Rims:

Let’s face it-Concrete Curbs and aluminum rims do not get along well.  Everyday road grime and break dust will discolor your rims and turn what should be a showpiece on your vehicle into an eye sore.  We can resurface this damage and return the original shine for a lot less than you might think

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