Choose Paint Bull for your Automotive Repairs


Paint Bull is your Body Shop Alternative. Our professionally trained Paint Bull Technicians will travel to your location—whether it’s your driveway or workplace—making your vehicle damage repairs convenient and easy. Paint Bull services are priced less than traditional body shops, and typically less than insurance deductibles, saving you money and helping you avoid costly insurance claims.

Paint Bull is your best choice for vehicle appearance repairs because:

  • Paint Bull Technicians are mobile. We come to your location, making your repair convenient and easy.
  • Paint Bull Technicians are professionally trained. Your vehicle will be repaired quickly and professionally.
  • Paint Bull Technicians are affordable. Our mobile fleet can repair your minor damage for less than a traditional body shop, and often less than your insurance deductible.

Our Technicians are professionally trained to do the following repairs:

Exterior Repair

Door Dings | Creases | Dents | Hail Damage | Stone Chips | Clear Coat Damage | Scratches | Scuffed Bumpers | Torn Bumpers | Gouged Rims | Faded Plastic

Interior Repair

Leather | Vinyl | Cloth | Plastic | Burns | Rips | Scuffs | Tears | Stains | Odors | Cracks | Wear

Windshield Repair

Chips | Cracks

Headlight Restoration

Yellowing | Oxidation | Foggy Headlight Covers

All Paint Bull Technicians use products that are environmentally safe and comply with EPA registration and exemptions. Our “We Paint Green” logo is a symbol of our commitment to sustainability.