Don’t Get Stuck with an unexpected repair bill from your lease company!

Mar 24, 2015

Unexpected Bill


If you’ve ever leased a vehicle before, you’re sure to understand the anxiety people feel as the time to lease turn in winds down.  Your vehicle has been good to you for the past 24/36 months, but all of the times when you have been less than good to it may now come back to haunt you.

 In your estimation, the vehicle is still in very good shape; it’s clean, no major damage, nothing to be too concerned with.  OK-yes it does have a couple of door dings and that one scratch on the fender, the bumper has a minor scuff-buts it’s not likes its cracked or dented…its hardly noticeable.  You’re sure the vehicle will pass the lease turn in inspection without any problems, besides; you’re leasing another vehicle, so the dealership will get everything Ok’d without any problems.

The day finally comes to turn in your old ride and pick up a new one-nothing like the smell and feel of a new car!  Your lease payment was just a little more than before and the dealership never even mentioned anything about any damage on your turn-in, all that anxiety you had was for naught.

 Fast forward 30 days, you open your mailbox to find a letter from your leasing company-must be a Thank You note for your business-how thoughtful of them.   Sorry-it’s a bill!  The minor damage you thought was no big deal turned into a $1,200 problem.  The only part that says Thank You is after the Please Pay Promptly note at the bottom.  You vow-this will not happen again-You will take better care of your new car and the leasing company will not get the best of you again.

But what can you do-no way can you drive a vehicle for that many miles without getting some damage on it.  None of that damage was even your fault (OK maybe the scuff on the bumper was partially your fault).  Next time-before Lease Turn In-You’re going to call Paint Bull, The Body Shop Alternative.

Paint Bull specializes in fixing the minor damage Leasing Companies love to charge you for.  They can fix that “hardly noticeable” damage for a lot less than what your leasing company will charge you and even less than your local body shop.