Carnauba, its been a good run but your replacement has arrived and it’s called Shield Pro Graphene Coating!

Trusted throughout the performance, super car and show car industry, graphene coatings are taking the industry by storm and it’s time to hop on the bandwagon.

What is a Graphene Coating?

A graphene coating is a liquid nano-coating designed to chemically bond to paint and fill the tiny pores in clear coat providing a layer of protection twice as hard as your vehicle’s clear coat. Clear coat is the clear layer on top of all automotive paint (since the 1980’s) which serves as a protective barrier from UV rays, oxidation and fading. Standard clear coat is measured on the Moh’s Hardness scale to have a hardness of 2-4H depending on brand, mixture and application environment. To help put that into perspective; glass is measured at 5.5H, quartz is measured at 7H and a diamond tops the chart at 10H. Once cured Shield Pro Graphene Coating has a hardness level of 9H, more than twice as hard as your paints current layer of protection. Graphene coatings serve as a sacrificial layer of protection that effectively preserves your cars paint and protects it from the elements and rigors of daily use for up to five years.

How does it work?

Graphene coatings work on a microscopic level to repel water, dirt, oil and grime better than any wax or paint sealant. The ultra small nano-particles that make up graphene coatings are naturally hydrophobic and repel water unlike any other material on earth. They are so small that they fill the tiny pores in clear coat and build on each other to provide a shine and depth unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. These hydrophobic properties allow ceramic coatings to repel not only water but even more damaging materials such as tree sap, bird droppings, road tar, oil and bug splatter.

Washing your car is a breeze with Shield Pro Graphene Coating because it simply doesn’t get as dirty as easily. When it does get dirty you’ll find dirt rinses off easily using nothing but water. If soap is required we recommend using Shield Shampoo from Jax Wax infused with a silica to be gentle on the coating as opposed to traditional car soaps that often contain isopropyl alcohol, sodium chloride, sodium lauryl sulphate and other harmful chemicals. There is no doubt Graphene coatings are the wave of the future and if you want to keep your vehicle looking new and preserve that showroom shine then Shield Pro Graphene Coating is for you. The days of waxing are over, get your Shield Graphene Coating applied and experience the ultimate protection and durability it has to offer and never wax you vehicle again.

Applied on vehicles starting at $799.

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