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Paint Bull has been repairing vehicles in the area for over 30 years and with our new location on Bay rd. we felt the time is right to offer professional detailing like no other.

With 30 years in business, we’ve seen damage caused by neglect, abuse, mother nature and even regular machine car washes.  We understand the process to repair this damage so your vehicle can regain it’s showroom shine.

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Paint Bull Detailing

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Hand Wash and Spray Wax

We’ll cover your vehicle in a cleansing foam to reach into every nook and cranny followed by a clay bar and micro-fiber hand wash for a deep and thorough clean. Wheels, tires, door jambs and trunk surround will all get a bath using only the finest products available. Once finished, we apply a polymer paint sealant to provide UV protection and glossy shine.


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Exterior Polish and Touch Up

Our standard detail begins with a complete Hand Wash, but then takes the process to the next level. We’ll first polish the entire vehicle to remove any light scratches and road grime and follow that up with a Paint Touch up on any remaining chips and scratches. Next up is an application of paint sealant and a machine wax for an extra layer of protection. The only area or your vehicle yet to be cleaned is your engine bay so we’ll get that done also. We use a special degreaser and then dressing to make you engine look like it just rolled out of the factory.


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Interior Detail

We start with a vacuum to remove any loose dirt and grime then perform a complete Steam Cleaning of your seats and carpets for a deep cleaning. We’ll clean and dress the entire interior of your vehicle from plastic parts to leather seats, we’ll make them all look new again. Our Interior detail even includes odor removal and a complimentary exterior courtesy wash!