If You do Nothing-Rust will WIN!

Paint Bull is proud to be an exclusive partner of NHOU to bring the finest rustproofing and undercoating systems to the Saginaw Bay Area.  We offer a variety of options from Traditional to Oil-Based to the new Wax Based products, even a Rustoration service for vehicles already rusting.  Whatever your needs-Paint Bull has you covered.

If you plan on keeping your vehicle and want to keep it looking new while maximizing it’s value-Paint Bull Rustproofing and Undercoating is your best option, it will pay for itself.

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Paint Bull has been in the auto body repair business for 30+ years so it’s safe to say we’ve seen our share of rusty vehicles that’s pretty much why we decided to offer rustproofing services to our customers.  We’ve seen too many people with rusty vehicles looking for solutions that simply don’t exist.  While grinding away rusted metal and replacing it with new has always been about the only option for repairing rust damage-it’s certainly never been a very good one.  Beyond being very expensive, the fact remains that once rust starts there’s just no way of stopping it.  The bottom line, it’s a lot cheaper and easier to prevent rust than it is to repair it.

Our Drill Free process provides the ultimate in rust prevention without the dripping and mess associated with most rustproofing services.  As an extra added benefit-our Rustproofing products are designed to keep mice and rodents from chewing on your vehicle’s wires and electrical components.

When finished we take the time to thoroughly wash every vehicle to remove any rustproofing residue and leave your vehicle with a showroom shine!


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