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Jax Wax Super Citrus

Super Citrus Cleaner


A Highly Concentrated Cleaner and Degreaser That will Clean Everything from Engines to Delicate Interior and Upholstery

Cleans, Deodorizes and Degreases the Toughest Dirty Jobs

Easily Removes Brake Dust, Grime, Oil and Dirt

Safe for All Surfaces

Non Caustic

No Residue

Pleasant Scent No Overwhelming Odors or Toxic Fumes

Replaces Multitude of Cleaners and Degreasers

Biodegradable & Safe For Environment

Jax Wax Total Interior

Total Interior


Jax Wax Total Interior is a must have product for any car enthusiast that loves to keep the interior of their ride looking brand new at all times.

Most importantly this one-step cleaner and protectant is strong enough to clean the daily grime and buildup of your vehicle’s interior leaving behind a perfect matte finish. In addition, Total Interior also contains an odor encapsulant to get rid of the unwanted smells in your vehicle.

Total Interior can be used on your dashboard, console, door panels, navigation screen, leather seats, and on any vinyl or plastic surface.

Whether you need to touch up the interior of your classic or clean the coffee stains in the cup holders of your daily drive; Total Interior will be the answer you’re looking for.

Super Citrus Aerosol

Super Citrus Aerosol Cleaner


Jax Wax Super Citrus Aerosol Cleaner is a great Spray On – Wipe Off Organic All Purpose Cleaner.

99.9% Biodegradable

Cleans and Deodorizes at the same time.

The product is formulated with orange citrus solvents and removes dirt, scuff marks, grease, oil smoke film, light carbon, dust, lipstick, crayon marks from virtually any washable surface and deodorizes at the same time.


Jax Wax Carpet Spotter

Carpet Spotter


Jax Wax Carpet Spotter is specifically designed to remove tough spots and stains from carpets instantly, without rubbing or scrubbing.

Jax Wax Carpet Spotter is fast acting enhanced with surfactants and wetting agents that immediately removes most spots including Dirt, Coffee, Oil, Grease, Ink, Pet Stains, Cola, Wine, Shoe Polish, Lipstick, Urine, and Many Others! This product is ideal for use as a pre-spotter prior to carpet extraction. It is also excellent for removing difficult stains and spots from household carpets.
Carpet Spotter is unequaled because of its effectiveness on both OIL and WATER-BASED stains and is specifically formulated for use on carpet.

Other cleaning products may contain agents which can react to “set” a stain. By using Carpet Spotter first, you assure yourself of full stain removal. We cannot guarantee its effectiveness on stains which have been previously treated with another chemical agent. Stains created by acids or dyes or similar agents are generally permanent and may not be affected by this product.

Jax Wax Shine All

Shine All


Shine All is a water based dressing that can be used on engines, rubber, vinyl, and plastic.

Jax Wax Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner

Heavy Duty Carpet Cleaner


Jax Wax Heavy Duty Carpet & Fabric Cleaner easily breaks down and lifts the most stubborn grime, dirt and stains from carpet and fabrics completely, making it look like new again.

This foamy aerosol formula penetrates ground in crud then lifts it to the surface. Simply wipe it away to get carpet and fabrics perfectly clean. Lastly, it will not soak into fabric and will leave the surface clean and dry.

Jax Wax Velour Upholstery Cleaner

Velour Upholstery Cleaner


Jax Wax Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner Packs is an awesome dry super thick foam cleaner that cleans with very little residual wetness used to easily and effortlessly clean all kinds of Dirty and Soiled Fabrics, Carpet and Upholstery.

Before the days of carpet extractor cleaners, the first thing that a car dealer usually had to do when talking a car on trade was to buy new floor mats. Not so with this product – it will knock the stains out of the dirtiest, most grimy and stained floor mats saving an unneeded expense.

Jax Wax Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner is Packaged in an “Upside Down” Aerosol Can make it Easy to Apply and For Easy Access to Those Hard to Reach Areas. Jax Wax Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner is also Perfect for Around the House, for example, when Kids or Pets have an “accident” on the carpet – it will even clean Grass Stains from White Sneakers!

Jax Wax Glass Cleaner

Streak Free Glass Cleaner


Jax Wax Streak-Free Glass Cleaner Will Clean Your Glass Perfectly Inside and Out with NO Streaks. Streak free is safe and easy to use. It has No ammonia and is safe for Tinted Windows. It removes stubborn stains, crud and bug guts easily!

For best results, use a Microfiber Towel and jax Wax Streak-Free Glass Cleaner on All Glass, Mirrors, and Windows.

Now you can get fast, commercial-quality results by using the same products the “pros” do – and by doing it yourself!

Jax Wax Vent Magic

Dash Vent Magic


Jax Wax Dash Vent Magic is perfect for cleaning and detailing those hard to reach places, like dash vents and flexible conduit-type hoses in door jambs that power windows and locks. Makes any plastic, vinyl or rubber look like new!

The time spent cleaning those hard to reach places with Q-Tips, special brushes, and compressed air is yesterday’s news! Dash Vent Magic makes it quick and easy to dress and detail all those nooks and crannies throughout your interior and door jambs.

A lot of customers use Jax Wax Dash Vent Magic to dress under the hood as last minute details at a car show. Jax Wax Dash Vent Magic also works well on those Intricate Motorcycle Parts that are Hard to Clean and Detail.

Now you can get fast, commercial-quality results by using the same products the “pros” do – and by doing it yourself!

Jax Wax Instant Shine

Instant Shine


Jax Wax Tire Shine is a great final detail product to Dress any Tires, Rubber, Plastic or Vinyl Surfaces with the Convenience of an Aerosol Can.

Just spray on and buff or let dry to a “Like New” shine.

Perfect for tires, vinyl interiors, bumpers, bumper guards, body moldings, door jambs, engine compartments – any hard to reach place!

Jax Wax Vinyl & Leather Cleaner

Vinyl and Leather Cleaner


Jax Wax Vinyl and Leather Cleaner is a Professional-Strength Formulation that will knock out any of the toughest grime, stains, and dirt on Vinyl, Plastic and Leather surfaces.

This product makes any surface look like new again, easily removing and lifting off any scuff marks, grime, dirt, and stains. Because of its powerful formulation, it easily cleans surfaces than any other retail cleaners. In fact, the can is even marked “For Professional or Industrial Use”.

For example, you could use Jax Wax Vinyl & Leather Cleaner to clean a contractor’s pickup truck that hasn’t been cleaned in 5 years to make it look like new.

Other than upholstery, Jax Wax Vinyl & Leather Cleaner works excellent on Vinyl and Convertible Tops, Boat Seats, Stained Golf Clubs and will even take Grass Stains off from White Sneakers!

Jax Wax Leather Magic

Leather Magic


Leather Magic will replenish your leather seats and restore the soft natural feel of brand new leather.

It can be used on vinyl as well with great results.


Leather Magic contains no harsh chemicals or abrasives that could damage fine leather.

For use in auto, home, or office. Not for use on suede.