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Jax Wax Tire & Trim Gel

Tire and Trim Gel


Jax Wax Tire Gel is a premium water based gel that creates a long lasting high gloss shines to tires and exterior plastic trim.

Jax Wax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner

Ultimate Wheel Cleaner


Jax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner is a non acid ph balanced wheel cleaner that is safe for all types of wheels.

Jax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner will safely and effectively remove brake dust and metallic contamination from all wheel types including, chrome, painted, clear coated, aluminum, steel, alloy and all other types of wheels.

This unique formula will attack brake dust, grime and dirt buildup on the wheel with specific ingredients that will not harm your wheel. Jax Ultimate Wheel Cleaner will change from flourescent yellow when you spray it on the wheel to a deep red color as it cleans the wheel.

Jax Wax Super Blue

Super Blue


Super Blue is a solvent based tire dressing that produces a long lasting durable shine.