Swirl Remover


Swirl Remover is a fine polish that works great on multi stage and clear coat finishes, especially on dark colored vehicles. It leaves a brilliant high gloss. Swirl Remover will not only remove swirls, but also micro scratches and light oxidation.

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For use with a high speed polisher:

-Apple product evenly to a 2×2 foot area. Begin polishing with sufficient pressure to remove imperfections, easing up gradually as gloss is achieved. If the product starts to gum up on the paint, too much product is being used.

-Remember to clean out your polishing pad periodically with a foam pad conditioning brush.


For use by hand:

-Apply evenly with a wax applicator pad. Let haze, then wipe with a plush microfiber towel. When using by hand, Swirl Remover will not permanently remove the swirl or imperfection. This method is recommended if you are not comfortable using a high speed polisher.


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