Total Interior


Jax Wax Total Interior is a must have product for any car enthusiast that loves to keep the interior of their ride looking brand new at all times.

Most importantly this one-step cleaner and protectant is strong enough to clean the daily grime and buildup of your vehicle’s interior leaving behind a perfect matte finish. In addition, Total Interior also contains an odor encapsulant to get rid of the unwanted smells in your vehicle.

Total Interior can be used on your dashboard, console, door panels, navigation screen, leather seats, and on any vinyl or plastic surface.

Whether you need to touch up the interior of your classic or clean the coffee stains in the cup holders of your daily drive; Total Interior will be the answer you’re looking for.




-Firstly, spray Total Interior on a utility microfiber towel and wipe the area to be cleaned. Wipe excess product with a dry microfiber towel.

-If the area that you are cleaning is heavily soiled, give the product time to penetrate, and finish off by wiping clean.

-If you are using total interior on a leather surface, apply Leather Magic after use to condition surface.


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