Should I repair or replace my bumper?

Feb 6, 2015

Repair or Replace?

As a society, we’ve become accustom to living in a Throw-Away World something breaks we toss it and buy a new one.  From the latest electronic gadgets to home appliances to the furniture in our homes products today just don’t seem built to last.

This trend has certainly not been ignored by the auto repair industry.  Car parts are disposable; mufflers, batteries, even engine parts are all easily replaced requiring only minimal knowledge and skills.

One of most common items being replaced today are plastic bumpers. Yes you read that correctly most bumpers today are made of plastic. They are lightweight, can be painted any color imaginable and best of all from a manufacturers standpoint are inexpensive to produce. After all, they’re just plastic one of the most inexpensive building materials man has ever known.  The downside is that they don’t stand up well to even a minor Bump.  The term bumper, which implies it provides some degree of protection, should really be replaced by the term fragile or easily breakable, especially in cold climates.

These cracked, ripped, torn and dented bumpers are easily replaced by traditional body shops and represent a nice profit center for them.  But do they really need to be REPLACED?  The answer today is quite often No.  Keep in mind most bumpers are just plastic that can easily be repaired with new bumper welding techniques.  These new processes allow for quite INEXPENSIVE repairs to even some of the most badly damaged bumpers.  The problem for most consumers is today most body shops also have this throw it away and buy a new one mentality.

What consumers don’t realize is that to replace a damaged bumper will cost in the $600 to $1,000 range and have your vehicle tied up for days. While the cost of repair is around $300 and will take a couple of hours!

Next time you park a little too close to that light pole or somehow barley clip the car next to you,  call Paint Bull. Our Mobile Paint Repair Technicians can come to your home or place of business and repair that damaged bumper for a lot less than you might think!