Turning a Negative Into a Positive!

Feb 6, 2015

Turning a Negative Into a Positive!

We’ve all heard the term many times before, but it is certainly easier said than done.  In the automotive repair industry, our customers only contact us when they are experiencing a negative (damage to their vehicle). They have no need for our services otherwise.

Understandably when clients contact us, they’re not in the best mood. They know the unexpected damage is going to cost money and time to get fixed.

We have a mindset that a traditional body shop is the only option for getting damage repaired.  And, unfortunately, body shops are expensive, not particularly inviting to walk into, tend to talk over your head with industry jargon and overall not very easy to work with.

So you get an estimate, recover from sticker shock, schedule the appointment, and drop off your car. Now you, wait, wait, wait … arrange to get a ride to pick up your car …. something won’t be right, and you have to bring it back.

At this point, you’ll need to get a loaner car, rent a car, or ask your neighbor for a ride. The hours sneak into days while the body shop fixes your car, and you only hope they can stay on schedule.

Fortunately, mobile repair technicians can turn all of these negatives into a positive, dare I say an easy, painless experience.  And it’s easy to coordinate getting your car repaired. Simply, go online request an estimate and schedule the time for the technician to come you. They fix your vehicle on site no hassles no problems couldn’t be easier.

With a mobile auto body repair technician, all those negatives of having to work with a body shop disappear.  But, what about the biggest negative of all, the cost repair? Mobile technicians have very little overhead compared to body shops and use special processes for repairing the minor damage they concentrate on allowing them to price their repairs at typically half the cost of a body shop!